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The Global Flexible Packaging Market is forecasted to grow from $230 billion in 2018 to $283 billion by 2022. The US Market is forecasted to grow from $36.2 billion to $43.7 billion by 2022.
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In the US there are over 400 flexible packaging suppliers with varying capabilities moving market share back and forth based on available capacity/price, technical capability, quality, or service.
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Available Capacity

Merkatta is a virtual marketplace that combines technology and the vast experience of packaging professionals who have worked in the industry. It is designed to optimize the available capacity in the marketplace through a process that is simple, responsive, and fast.


Merkatta is designed to unpack packaging, making it more efficient for both product manufacturers and packaging suppliers to get matched for projects through an easy-to-use system.

Best Solutions

Merkatta helps product manufacturers get the best packaging solution on the first try with a minimal amount of wasted time, all without needing extensive knowledge of packaging

More Options

Merkatta actively reaches out to packaging suppliers and product manufactures to increase both the number of available packaging suppliers as well as the number of available opportunities

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Our founder, Tony King, has spent his entire career in the converting and packaging industry. His 15 years of experience was spent across the industry in manufacturing, marketing; running a $400 million sales team; and P&L responsibility for the North American division of a large player in the industry. He used that success and his connections to develop a network of suppliers that he can share with the packaging users.

He founded Merkatta after talking to packaging users that were frustrated with large inventories, long term commitments to get favored pricing, large minimum run sizes, lead times in months or years vs days, or simply being ignored by their supplier. As a veteran of the industry that lived in the world of manufacturing, marketing, and selling packaging… he gets it.

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Our goal is to make the packaging process easier and more productive for everyone. If you have more questions about Merkatta and our process, or about the flexible packaging industry in general, check out our link below.