Now Launching - Merkatta Talent!

Learn about our solution to helping relieve the strain on the job industry.

Since our launch in April of 2021, we have been working on connecting the right people for their material needs and moving surplus inventory.  A huge thanks to everyone that has been a part of our journey thus far. 

We are excited to expand our offering by responding to what has been asked of our marketplace, “Can we post a job on Merkatta?"  

With our new addition, Merkatta Talent, the answer to this question is a resounding “Yes”! We hinted at this exciting new rollout in our last blog. Our goal with this expansion onto our current offerings is to continue to grow & change as the packaging industry — and the entire world change. Merkatta Talent is our solution to helping relieve some of the strain on the talent market.

Merkatta Talent will focus on industry experience & expertise which will help streamline your overall talent search to find the perfect fit. By focusing efforts on a niche audience, it will minimize your search time by presenting you with candidates who yield the experience & skills you need, immediately. Gone are the days where jobs in the packaging industry get lost in the shuffle of mass job board websites. Merkatta Talent will be a specific network exclusive to those in the flexible packaging field.

Merkatta will be offering FREE job postings as part of our beta trial. This is an opportunity for your organization to get new eyes on your talent needs as well as try out Merkatta Talent. This exclusive trial offer will run through 2/28/2022. Each organization that chooses to take advantage of this special offer will be able to post their job opportunity at no cost for 60 days. All submissions for this trial will go through a review and approval process to ensure we are presenting the right opportunities to the appropriate talent market. The Merkatta team will work closely with all organizations during this beta trial to evaluate this new process.

If you or your organization are interested in taking part in this beta trial, we want to hear from you! You can reach out to us at or We have been anxiously awaiting this beta trial and can’t wait to find more ways to support you & your business!