One Month of Merkatta Talent

Read how we've been doing 30 days after our launch of Merkatta Talent.

It has been an exciting few weeks since we launched the flexible packaging job board that we refer to as Merkatta Talent.  Similar to our Surplus Inventory offering, there are some obstacles early in the process — but just like everything else we have tried, we expect the industry to see us as a hub for flexible packaging resources.

The feedback has been a resounding "thank you!" Thank you for giving us a place to post our jobs outside of the chaos of other industries. Thank you for giving us a place where we can find industry-focused jobs without sifting through pages upon pages of job options. Thank you for offering relief amongst a competitive current job market.  

In our first month alone, we posted five jobs exclusive to the flexible packaging industry. We’d love for you to help us spread the word! We intend to get better every day at what we do, including drawing both jobs and candidates to the site.

From the start, Merkatta was intended to be a community of industry-focused users. In a short 10 month period of time, we have seen some interesting requests. Merktta Talent is a response to the most common concern. "Have you ever considered a job board just for flexible packaging?"  We heard you and here it is! Come on in, the water is warm and we are allowing companies to use it free of charge during our beta period - ending 2/28/2022!