Talent Retention Is More Important Than Ever In The Flexible Packaging Industry

It is no longer acceptable for organizations to simply provide a job.

Recruiting and retaining employees has become one of the great challenges of these trying times. Flexible Packaging is no exception. 

As Merkatta talks to various companies across the country, the theme is consistent: “We are unable to find the right people”. Building a top-flight organization is the perpetual challenge.  

When questions were raised such as: “Why does the opening exist?”, the answers tend to get rather wordy. On rare occasions, the response is generically tied to keeping up with the growth of the business.   

My follow-up question is usually: “What qualifications does the perfect candidate have?” Once again, the answer is lengthy and tends to ramble. Ambiguity is almost always a red flag.

It has become obvious that it is no longer acceptable for organizations to simply provide a job.  The sophisticated employee of today are more interested in company culture, their personal impact on the core of the business, and prioritizing customer relationships. Work has become personal.

In previous discussions with potential high-caliber industry candidates, they distill their previous experiences down to three simple themes:

  1. How I was treated as an individual
  2. How my colleagues were treated
  3. How our customers were treated

What was predictable, but still somewhat surprising when one hears it so often, is “my departure had very little to do with money”.  Usually, employees leave due to poor management. Predictive Index, as always, has a fascinating report on People Management.

I had the pleasure of speaking to the head of the Sales Bachelor’s Degree program at a large midwestern university where they have developed relationships with a number of industries seeking graduates of the program.  Yet, the program has not been contacted by a single flexible packaging company.  

Merkatta’s goal is to help bridge these gaps: to prompt job role clarity, to aid in recruiting for retainment, and to make the right connections. We will help candidates find the right roles, and help organizations find the right talent. We’re looking forward to the launch of our Merkatta Talent platform late this year, introducing something new to the flexible packaging industry that will help relieve the current strain on the talent market.

Featured Photo by Sigmund on Unsplash.