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Why Choose Us

Not Feeling the Love?

Merkatta will help provide information about the packaging industry and help you find the right match based on your needs.

I’m short on time

We know that you don’t have time to search for the right packaging. Using technology and industry experts, Merkatta sifts through solutions to find the right fit, allowing you to focus on your product and sales.

I don’t know what a fair price is

We know you’re looking for the right packaging at the right price. Although Merkatta is not a price comparison tool, it is intended to get you the best packaging solution at the right price for your situation.

I need a smaller run size

We know not everyone needs a large product run. Size doesn’t matter to Merkatta. Using our extensive database of suppliers and industry connections, we’ll find a solution whose requirements match yours, so things like minimums don’t become an issue.

I feel stuck where I’m at

We can help you move your business forward. Merkatta aims to make both forming new packaging relationships as well as switching providers an easier process overall, so you don’t ever feel like you’re reinventing OR spinning wheels.

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